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First Inaugural speech delivered by NUASA President Unibuja

First Inaugural speech delivered by NUASA President Unibuja
chapter by Comr. Shuara Kehinde M.

Patriotic greetings to you all;
Lecturers, Comrades, Honorable, distinguish colleagues our great
association “NUASA”.
Oceans are deep and wide, yes the pacific is one of the greatest ocean, but
its depth can never be compared to that of the Atlantic ocean. The Atlantic
Ocean is truly deep, but no world ocean can surpass the ocean of life.
As we mount Guards to move the ship of this great Association and has our
ship is about to survive the waves and great storm and pestilence of this
academic session, I as the captain implore us all to join hands to paddle
our great ship to safety and greatness.

My definition of the word comrade simply means a group of people that has
one common goal, or has one mission in common, this connection might end
after such goal is achieved, but in our case this indefatigable team will
stand the test of time together; the struggle ahead may be quite tasking
and tedious but i know, smiles shall wrap up our various faces at the end
of this great tunnel which lies a very bright and beautiful light.
I want us all to Note, I mean all of us who have been elected, that we have
been chosen to serve and not to rule. Yes i mean leadership through service
to those who had handled us their trust, be you elected excos and appointed
ones. I want us to see this call as a clarion call, that needs urgent
And to those who have giving us this remarkable mandate, we want to declare
on behalf of myself (comr. Shuara Kehinde M) and the rest of the
indefatigable family, that with God been on our side, we will do our best
and we shall never let you down.
To all our ever amiable and respected lecturers, comrades and honourables
i say thank you for being there for us all these while, we really
appreciate all your efforts and tremendous contributions all along.
May God Almighty bless you all and may the great bond of love never break
between us all.
To all my fellow colleagues, we are in this together so I implore us all to
stand firm gain our grounds, and serve our fellow NUASAite with dignity and
I want us all to remember the good comrades of A.N.C under the leadership
of our icon and mention comrade Nelson Pollulala Mandela of the Mandiba
clan in South Africa, yes lets remember how they stood together against all
odds and procure the great South Africa of today.
Lets remember the likes of Marcus Babbage and also the likes of Martin
Luther King the junior who had the dream of the America of today.
Lets all take to positivity and with Gods help we shall do great exploit on
this note I lay my hands to work and cut short my speech.

Long live Nigeria!
Long Live Unibuja!!
Long live NUASA!!!

Shuara Kehinde M.

December 4, 2015

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