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AC Market APK – Cracked Apps Store | Download for Android (v3.2.3)

All the apps downloaded from AC Market should be used only for personal purposes. As apps/games may be modified, it is recommended that you use them according to your local governance. AC Market is free to download and do not charge any service fee.

What is AC Market?

If you ever get bored of using the same apps everyday, realise there are millions of offline apps that won’t be available on Google Play Store. These offline apps must be installed via AC Market APK files manually and what if there is a Play Store where you can find all these offline apps at once place. AC Market App is a one stop destination for all cracked, MOD apps and games which will help you get interesting and useful apps at zero cost.
Why AC Market?
Unlimited downloads
Enjoy free unlimited downloads of your favourite cracked apps and games. No membership or subscriptions.
Pro version Support
AC Market also has a pro version with more advanced games for download. Pro version can be accessed via App Menu for zero cost.
Apps Manager
App Manager allows you to sort and re-download all your existing applications. This way you can store unused apps on the app manager and reinstall them when necessary.
File Info

APP NAMEAC MARKETTypeAPKLicenseFreeCategoryTools, App StoreRequiresAndroid 4.4+Version3.2.3 (Latest version)Size5.8 MB

About AC Market App

AC Market is the latest app store for Android users, but with a twist. In AC Market, you can download cracked apps and games absolutely for free. AC Market APK is a free app that is dedicated to provide free cracked apps and games only for Android devices. AC Market App APK is compatible with Android and Windows operating systems. As a new player in the category, AC Market App Store competes with apps like TweakBox, Amazon Underground etc. that provide the same services. Download AC Market APK 2018 latest version from below and install it today.

AC Market also has good features that makes it a nice app. The app is certified safe and secure by experienced Android developers. The app has been rated as one of the best offline Android stores with flexible download options and easy to use Interface. When you open the app, you will find the interface similar to Google Play Store. This means any beginner would be able to use AC Market APK and download free apps. As it is an offline APK store, you can download Apps like VidMate, TubeMate, Vizer TV and SnapTube that aren’t available on Play Store or iTunes. So, install AC Market app after reading it’s amazing features.

AC Market is a free APK Store to download free root/mod apps without rooting

Top 3 reasons to use AC Market

You must be thinking, what makes AC Market great when compared to other Android App stores in the same category. Though in competence with big players like Amazon, AC Market also has it’s own recognition because of it’s huge library. AC Market has a huge library of only cracked games and apps. This makes our app different from other apps that provide mixed APK files of different categories. AC Market’s main target is to download cracked apps/games. So, if you are looking for these specific services, AC Market is definitely the app you must use.

  1. Features like Download manager, unlimited downloads, Translate, update etc.
  2. Thousands of patched, modified, cracked apps and games with extra features to download for free.
  3. Easy to customise, support and user friendly interface for beginners and professionals.

AC Market is compatible only with Android mobiles running the below operating systems.

  • Android 4.4+ (Kitkat)
  • Android 5.0 Lollypop
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Android 7.0 Nougat
  • Android 8.0 Oreo

As all the smartphones being used today usually run Android 4.0 and higher, there won’t be any problem while installing AC Market APK on your devices. But to install on Computer PC, you will need extra software like Android emulators or ARC Welder.


Download AC Market for Android, Windows, iOS to install unlimited iPhone and Android Apps

We like to take a minimalistic approach while designing our apps that will be focused on a single niche. Here are the simple but amazing features of AC Market.

UI Similar to Google Play Store: Clean design and Smooth UI that is similar to Google Play Store. So, feel the homely atmosphere of installing Android apps on AC Market. Beginners can smoothly operate via user interface and can download apps by category and number of downloads. This is a good feature if you are just installing your first offline APK.

One Click Download: Direct install button to avoid the non sense of opening the app page to view details. If you are looking for a specific app that you already know the details of, directly click install. AC Market also doesn’t ask you to sign or provide an email to download free apps. All apps can be downloaded by clicking the green download button on app info page.

Premium version support: Get premium and paid features for Android apps downloaded from AC Market. If you are wondering about the premium version, there is a big market for offline apps. Some apps provide their services only if you are paying subscription. Happy Chick APK, Spotify Premium APK, Pandora APK, Photo Editor APKs are available for download via Premium version.

MOD APKs: The concept of Modified, cracked, patched apps and games provide extreme happiness to Android junkies. Android phones are as flexible as they can get and each modified game will provide you extra fun. It also helps in finishing the game fast or getting a little extra feature from an App. Whatever the reason, as long as we get free cash points, unlimited life for games, gaming is fun and simple.

Free Apps Manager: Often times, we suffer storage issues and are forced to uninstall any useful app. AC Market understands this. It has a Free Apps Manager to find all your previous downloads. So this time, install those apps directly from Apps manager.

Flexible Menu options: The app is very user friendly and has a wide menu. You can recommend us to your dear friend from the ‘Tell a friend’ section. Also feel free to leave the app a feedback so that they can provide us with more apps. Donate, Version Info, Apps Manager, Settings are basic Menu features.

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